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Construction Manager - WA

London, United Kingdom

CM0020 - Operations | 204 days ago | 1 vacancy | Permanent

The Construction Manager role is to provide operational and construction management services to enable the successful delivery of Interspan’s projects in the WA market. The role is designed to enable the manager to focus on both office and site related tasks but with a focus on strategic management and reporting.

The primary function of this role includes the following key objectives:

  • Manage, oversee, and monitor post tensioning activities to ensure work undertaken meets design specifications and quality requirements, OH&S and environmental obligations, and is completed within the programmed project deadlines.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with clients to ensure they are kept informed of the progress of projects, potential delays and critical issues that may impact costs.
  • Participate in and contribute to, the ongoing improvement of the performance of our post tensioning site crew’s installation services and stressing systems.
  • Maintain Interspan’s professional standards, meeting company objectives in relation to budget targets, service quality, company reputation, QA, OHS and environmental standards.

The CM reports to the National General Manager.

Internally, the CM will have a working relationship with the National Construction Manager, site based operatives, design engineers, project engineers and payroll staff.

Externally, the CM will have a working relationship with clients at all levels, (site managers, foreman and project managers), other trade subcontractors, crane crews, suppliers and unions.

A primary focus of the role will be leadership in all of the areas considered important to the business.

Please apply via email to Stephen Welbedagt

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